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TPE History

The idea of Thai Private Eye was the brain child by Mr. Warren Olson who authored and co-wrote a book about his own extraordinary adventures as a Thailand based Private Investigator in: Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye and Thai Private Eye the latest book, It began as an idea to help a few friends get some piece of mind with local girlfriend problems.

This proved immensely popular and by the mid/late 1990’s it had become a full-time undertaking including background checks and surveillance. Warren learnt his trade the hard way; in the fleshpots hidden away down the narrow alleys and back streets of Bangkok. Warren is still active as a consultant whenever we need his unique expertise or viewpoint on certain issues.

The Present TPE

Today’s Thai Private Eye Investigations agency has evolved into a next generation company using trained and experienced operatives along with a host of the latest technical equipment. Between all operatives 100 years combined experience keeping us the leading detective agency in Thailand

It’s a fact of life that many (not all) Thais see westerners as nothing more than an easy meal ticket, a trend which the advent of the internet has greatly increased. The services that we provide could be considered an insurance policy or a down payment on a happy and truthful future. It’s obvious that no one wants to be made a fool of; it is equally obvious that desperate people will resort to desperate measures. While Thai culture is based upon peace and harmony, it is not uncommon to become embroiled in disputes, lies and deceit. In the long run, it is more economical to find out the truth before investing too much time, money and emotions in long-distance relationships.

“The truth is sometimes harder to discover than a lie is to uncover… Therefore,  if the truth is really so important that it enables that person seeking it to answer nagging questions and move on with their life, then surely it is priceless”.

Investigation Services Thailand

Any investigation service conducted by Thai Private Eye is done so in a discreet and professional manner by professional personnel. Private Investigation Services throughout Thailand are greatly enhanced by utilising the vast amount of local contacts, knowledge and hands – on experience that out Detectives possess.

Detective Investigation Services

Thailand Investigation Services are carried out by our Investigators. Between them they have over 100 years combined experience in private investigations and covert surveillance work all over the world. They are fully qualified and experienced in the various covert surveillance techniques, and undergo continuous (on the job) investigation training in the use of new state of the art technology as it is introduced to the surveillance market.

Private Investigator Services

In addition, with our worldwide network of associated Private Investigator / Detective and Security Agencies our resources are virtually limitless. As we do not wish to upset or offend our official friends in the Thai community, we will not undertake criminal investigations. Free advice on Thailand and Thai culture is given whenever possible. But please understand if we can not accept your case. If you require the services of a professional Private Investigator in or elsewhere in Thailand, then Thai Private Eye is your investigation solution. Please see our Professional References.



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