Thai Private Eye


Foreword by Warren Olson, Author

My continued association with the Company as both an advisor and personal friend of the new owner, also has given rise to more intriguing cases, that I am able to include here.

From unfortunate Tsunami related cases, to in-depth assessments for high profile International companies, or providing security for VIP’s, along with the supply and use of the very latest in surveillance technology, Thai Private Eye today has certainly scaled new heights in S.E. Asian investigation.

Their current operations have spread into far wider fields than I ever envisaged. Reports based on some of these more recent cases then, along with any relevant interpretation of Thai/Asian ways or actions being as they are, make this latest work somewhat different, and it is my hope, as much informative as it is enjoyable.

I have myself recently completed a Masters degree in Strategic studies, at Victoria University in Wellington, NZ. I have also completed a research paper that looks at the way Western/Asian interviews or interrogations are conducted.

It is apparent that most Western people harbour a basically independent outlook, that can be traced back to a Greek/Aristotelian heritage, where Olympic games, debating and Democracy all had roots. Chinese or Asian culture, evolved at the same time, along Confucian beliefs centred around harmony, and close family ties.

Since then our epistemology or ‘the way we think’ has continued to differ between East and West. These differences became apparent to me, when after living in Thailand for many years, and entwined in local culture, beliefs and language, I returned to the somewhat upfront, abrupt nature of Kiwi culture, that may be mistaken as arrogance, by many Asians.

With this in mind, and also being nothing of the ‘word-smith’ Stephen Leather is, I will not even attempt to enrich characters in the manner he did, but aim to include more of the Asian culture, beliefs, reasoning in this book. My hope is then that apart from being an entertaining read, it will also perhaps help narrow some of the lack of understanding or credibility gap, that I am only too aware, often exists between those of Western and Asian heritage.

Warren Olson m.s.s. – Wellington. NZ. 2008.

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