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Investigation Services in Pattaya

What can be said about Pattaya that has not already been said many times before?

Being a private investigator in Pattaya is not for the feint hearted! Whenever we send our investigators out either in or around Pattaya we have to be extra observant, extra vigilant and above all we must takes steps to identify those persons who (for whatever reason) may be observing us. There are many faces to Pattaya and it has earned a reputation in the world of private investigators for being one of the most dangerous places to conduct investigations, if not the most dangerous place for a private investigator to work in Thailand.

Since its discovery as a beach resort in the 1960s and it’s subsequent popularity with US forces as the preferred R&R destination in South East Asia, Pattaya has developed into a full blown vacation destination for single men looking for a companion. Many people chose this area to retire and live out their dreams, maybe even to fulfill their fantasies.  However, some dreams end in tears. Or worse. With its close proximity to Bangkok (165 kilometers) plus a lower average temperature and humidity, it provides a welcome weekend relief from the heat and humidity of the city. Day or night Pattaya is alive and that is how it should be, vibrant and exciting. Investigate Pattaya’s nightlife and see for yourself.

Investigation Services in Jomtien

Just down the coast, and can be considered extension of Pattaya is Jomtien. Until recently it was a poor cousin of Pattaya, and although less rowdy it can be just as exciting and entertaining if you know where to go. It can also be quite challenging and even dangerous for a private investigator. One should never get complacent nor let the relative peace and tranquility hide the fact that there is an element of danger in being a private investigator no matter where you operate.  Jomtien Beach is renown for its water sports (jet skis, parasailing, scuba diving) and for several annual sponsored events and festivals, attracting visitors from around the world. Equally popular is Dong Tan Beach with its many sections of colorful umbrellas. There are several high end resorts along the beach road. Dong Tan also features numerous gay bars, restaurants and boutique hotels and is quite popular with gay men and women from around the world, which adds even more challenges for our investigators.

There has been a construction boom in the last few years with many new condominiums as well as housing developments springing up and the area has become quite popular with Bangkok residents seeking a second home and the Expat community who may be trying to escape the noise and sex scene of Pattaya.

Among the new projects is Ocean 1, which when completed at 91 stories will be one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The Jomtien Complex, which includes a large group of shophouses, has recently seen a phenomenal growth as well after many years of standing vacant. The complex now features many restaurants, bars and stores of all kinnd.

A recent trend has been the opening of many upscale restaurants along Thappraya Road, the main thoroughfare connecting Pattaya and Jomtien. Newly christened “Restaurant Row” by some locals. It remains to be seen if it will pose a serious threat to Pattaya’s raunchy nightlife scene, or just another addition. Either way it is well worth becoming your own private investigator to explore Jomtien and seek out all its charms.

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